Daila Filigrana

The are two creative minds behind DAILA, two designers from different areas ( graphics and fashion). Lisseth Salas is a designer of the Area Andina University, she has been immersed for three years in the world of jewelry and recently working with artisans of the Mompox region. Jonathan Zapata is also a graphic designer at the Area Andina University with emphasis on visual identity and editorial design. He worked for a year in an advertising agency and decided later to start a fashion project with Lisseth.

During the professional career of these two designers, they have created three different brands in the fashion and jewellery business, varying styles, targets and techniques. First SHANGO was created, focused on costume jewellery with symbolisms and meaningful concepts. Later, LIZ SALAS was created, focused on ready to wear style clothing inspired in feminine, romantic and bohemian women. Finally and most recently DAILA was born, after a trip to Mompox, where both designers fell in love with the filigree art and decided to create a brand focused in this specific goldsmith.

Like the Herrera family, it carries in its DNA the love for filigree. Daila is born with the intention in giving value to craftsmanship and to contribute through design the filigree jewellery, which we identify it in Wayuu backpacks or in Embrera Fabrics. We want the person who uses our jewellery to feel the Colombian cultural wealth and to appreciate the tradition and mastery behind a technique that has been perfected for hundreds of years by goldsmiths who have dedicated their lives to perfect and master this art that has the potential to become a collective identity.

Versions in which it has participated: