Pamela Lamus

Her passion for art, culture, beauty and harmony of her ancestral roots, led her to create a different brand with risky accessories, consolidating her vocation to design and create jewels with history and a sense of belonging. Her admiration and respect for those ancestral hands, guide her to work with natural materials and artisan communities from different parts of the country.

She is inspired by the making of our colombian artisans, their traditions, histories, materials; his love for the countryside, the river, the sun, the skill with which his hands weave, spin, entangle, link, knot, mold, paint, cut.

She takes pride in being a woman, working with women and for a world where women are valued, respected and where anyone can identify with their proposal.

Tell stories by the hand of artisans, turn stories into jewels, create from women, vindicating their role in fashion, and jewelery as something more than decorative elements that adorn the body.

Versions in which it has participated: