Ricardo Pava

Ricardo Pava studied art history at the SECOL institute, in Florence, Italy. Later in Colombia, I have complemented his training in fashion design and marketing at Arturo Tejada Cano School. Since 1991, Ricardo Pava is responsible for the management of the image of prestigious personalities of the government and at national and international senior executives. His recognition has led him to be a guest in several universities and professor at the University of the Andes and Arturo Tejada Cano School.

In 1991, he opened his first store which was a place for the customization of clothing on measures, in 1994 he made his first runway collection, and in 1997 he launched his first pret-á-porter collection, consolidating the "Working wear", achieving his prestige in the top business spheres of the country for almost 30 years. His collections have been published in major United States, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, France, Uruguay, Russia, among others.

Versions in which it has participated: