CCB Youth Enterprise Program

  • Youth Enterprise

It is a CCB initiative designed for students and the educational community of public and private schools in Bogotá and the region, which seeks to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and creative thinking by transferring methodologies to teachers that will help them act as facilitators for their students in solving challenges posed by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

Challenges 2019: The challenges help to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage entrepreneurial behavior, skills and abilities among young people, such as critical thinking, decision-making capacities, teamwork and innovation, to propose solutions to daily issues.



Schools enrolled in the Program in 2019: 40 schools were selected and 39 assumed the responsibility of the joint work proposed by the CCB to help develop entrepreneurial skills with students in Bogotá and the region. 120 teachers from these schools are being trained as facilitators of the utilized methodology, which is based on the Design Thinking approach as a means to promote creativity and an innovative mentality, which are both so necessary to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to developing young people's skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making and teamwork. 


20 public schools:

19 private schools:

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