Adriana Capasso

Adriana Capasso is a colombian designer. Her work focuses on a feminine woman who loves style. Her approach can be defined as seeking elegance with a contemporary undertone. She ponders carefully the structures and finishing touches of her pieces. She likes to incorporate non-conventional materials and jewelry in her work, which allows for clothes that are invariably innovative and surprising.

She holds a B.A. in Design from ICI Bogotá, and a second one in Advertising from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. She also completed an M.A. in Marketing Management in Australia. There she learned to integrate her knowledge of business in her work. In 2005 she opened her flagship store, currently located at El Retiro Commercial Mall.

Adriana finds inspiration for her collections in the extremely diverse situations, journeys, people and adventures that she has met and experienced. She conceives women as icons of power, connectedness and knowledge, and perhaps this is the source of the strength and the memorable nature of her creations.

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