Adriana Santacruz

Adriana Santacruz has focused on the study of the weaving techniques which the Los Pastos inhabitants have developed one generation after another. A project was started whose objective was to establish a link between scientific knowledge and ancestral lore where craftsmanship techniques merged with clear design concepts. A result of this merger was a proposal that conveys the feeling of many inhabitants in southern Colombia, who mold in their warps their masters' heritage, building a present and a future. That is the essence of Adriana Santacruz, a brand that was born with the concern to innovate in the fashion industry by taking craftsmanship to another level.

Adriana Santacruz is defined as poise, lightness of constructivism and exclusivity. An avant-garde style. She has had the opportunity to participate in events like Colombiamoda, the International Fashion Week in Bogotá, the Bogotá Fashion Week, the Vancouver Fashion Week, the Slow Fashion Week in Chile, World Fashion Week Paris and several other, that have contributed greatly to the positioning which she has today. Similarly, Adriana has been awarded and recognized by several organizations such as Artesanías de Colombia (Colombian Handicrafts), Acicam, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Revista Proyecto Diseño (Project-Design Magazine), Fucsia Magazine, Cromos Magazine, the Istituto Marangoni in Italy, the Colombian Embassies in Spain, France and Peru, and was awarded the Second Cafam Honorific Mention for Women in Colombia, a recognition given to women who exercise social responsibility through their work.

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