Bettina Spitz

Bettina Spitz is characterized by the exuberant way of renewing its proposals, innovating with ideas and concepts. The years and the experience reveal that the subtle richness between textures, silhouettes and color of this recognized designer surprise more and more.

Bettina Spitz is measured to the currents of international fashion without losing its main insignia: the last of the garments. Always highlights the most important thing for your brand: that your customers dress comfortably and feel in total confidence with a totally versatile look of beauty and joy. High-tech fabrics are mixed with the delicate and profuse work embroidered by hand.

Highlighting the importance of the present, with the high technologies and the necesity  to value the intimate part, the national and with it the hand of the embroiderer. Their collections have pieces that requires 100 hours of elaboration in handmade embroidery. This postmodern attitude reveals the seriousness by which Bettina Spitz approaches current issues with creativity.

Nature is your greatest source of inspiration. She considers that breathing fresh air, observing trees and flowers, taking care of the water of rivers and ditches are riches for an infinite possibility of innovation. Likewise, this last collection is inspired by that transit of the city towards the foothills of the mountains, where there are still a few streams in which we find that nature intact. Bettina Spitz has launched over the years a social message seeking to raise awareness about the importance of Colombia's natural wealth.

Versions in which it has participated: