Bissoni & Donna Lace

Bissoni is a brand of shoes well known in the luxury premium segment due to its classic designs and that manly touch that characterizes them; oxfords, loafers, tassels, beards and chartings compose the signature of the brand.

“Bissoni", name that was brought after the word "vision", it is a recognized animal mainly because of the property of their skin, which honors the selection of different leathers and transforms their designs into real collection pieces.  

Bissoni is a brand for super cool women who like to build their own style. Inspired in a neoclassic wave while fun at the same time.

Their formal shoes with incredible fusions of leathers, hills and platforms made out of woods, distinguish them because of their artisan manufacture.

Diana Ávila, foundress of Bissoni, mostly known in the artistic world of design as Donna Lace, starts her career as a designer in 2004 when she starts preparing herself as fashion designer at the University Arturo Tejada of Bogotá. Her real passion above being a fashion designer is creating and designing shoes, her great teacher and father, Paco Ávila, was her total inspiration to choose this path. This is how she started her journey though the world of footwear and leather goods. Taking it one step at a time learning her family’s business, with tons of love & respect for the art of shoe manufacturing.




Versions in which it has participated: