We are a Colombian design Brand and we design, fabricate and make knitted clothes and accessories for both men and women. We acknowledge familiar tradition, exalting and appreciate that with so much effort the grandparents and parents have achieved. The clothing are knitted and made by Colombian householder mothers who are working with us for 4 years. We are committed to each one of them because they are the backbone of our brand.

Knitting technique is developed from a thread that entwines and forms a mesh or fabric. The name Hebrante came from two words in Spanish that describe knitting they are thread (hebra) and fabric (tejido). Thus, our symbol characterizes by being formed with four threads entwined in an infinite-like shape and the vibrant representation of our designs. In the production of our clothes, we promote exclusivity and excellent quality in designs counting maximum by 20 units each. We have incorporated long durability natural materials for example; cotton, alpaca and cashmere, procuring that each clothing the fibres, color and patterns complement each other to generate exclusive designs of excellent quality.

The designs are result of merging classic, indigenous and contemporaneous styles. Our first collection was inspired by flora, fauna and ancestral pre-Columbian culture of the natural reservoir Chingaza, from this place we took shapes, colors and textures for the creation of our designs. Our second collection called “roots” is inspired by the cundiboyacense’s farmers, taking their way of dressing, the daily activities, handicraft and some food they cultivate.




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