Lakshmi is the creative director of a team of expert artisans who produce exclusive, durable jewelry made by hand with non-conventional materials such as animal horn, tropical wood, seeds and the roots of trees. Lakshmi hails from the ancient city of Mompox, Colombia’s second oldest, founded in 1537. The Universe of Lakshmi is spiritual, inherited from her Indigenous Momposinos ancestors and their deep cultural meditation. Lakshmi has arrived at her divine and elevated concience, and her collection connects clients with the ancient Indigenous traditions of the Mompox region, the wonderful nature of the Magdalena River and the region’s Colonial history.

Lakshmi’s range of products highlights and compliments the style of each client by putting extravagant, ethnic, tribal, timeless, geometric and avant-garde jewelry designs at their fingertips. Lakshmi’s design influence is of sub-realistic art and trends from Colombia’s ancient and modern cultures. Lakshmi’s collection imposes new exagerated jewelry trends, combined with high environmental and theatrical visual impact.

In the year 2004 Lakshmi launched her first collection in Bogota’s famous Usaquen flea market. She found National and International clients highly positive and accepting towards her products. Lakshmi started studying jewelry and leather goods production at the SENA in 2014. In 2016 she continued her artistic studies with traditional textile techniques on silk. She has been comprehensivly self-taught in various craft techniques such as wood carving and sculpture or other natural materials and animals, refined fabrics and fusions.

Lakshmi travelled-to and participated-in Miami’s 2015 Expotrade Fair. Lakshmi participated in Corferia’s 2016 Expoartesanias. Lakshmi was awareded Colombia’s prestigious 2017 Women Entrepreneurs Award in September 2017. Lakshmi was asked to particpate in the 2017 Build Peace Conference staged at Bogota’s Univerity of Los Andes in December. A leading example of colombian indigenous fashion design, Lakshmi’s innovation and celebration of her roots is a great example of what is needed in Colombia’s emerging post-conflict society.

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