MÍE JEWELRY is a luxury goldsmith brand that leads the design and executive manager Rosa Rodríguez, who defines The style of the brand as classic - contemporary: timeless that succumbs to modernity and leads in its wall touches of sophistication, romanticism and a clear influence of the Savoir Faire of Colombian artisans.

MÍE has more than 9 years of experience and an institution that supports him: International Museum of the Emerald who today opens a brand that with their acronyms, they keep alive the roots that enhance the millennial work of Colombian goldsmiths, who set in precious metals, the finest gems, among which find one of the specialties of the house, the emerald Colombian well known to the world for its perfect saturation, color, crystal and hardness.

During this long journey, these are some of the International recognitions obtained:

- National Gemstone Testing Center China
- European Gold Star For Quality
- International Colored Gemstone Association

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Versions in which it has participated: