Pamela Duque

Pamela Duque was born in 1996, in Madrid, Spain, to artist parents. From an early age, Duque developed an interest for fashion, and has since devoted her life to it, earning the recognition as one of the most important designers in the country. She began her professional career in the city of Cali, where she opened her first boutique. In 2000, she settled in Bogotá, where she now has a well-known clothing store located at Av. 82.

The concept of the brand has long been recognized as a "romantic, bohemian and timeless" style that is committed to the nature and creativity of women. Her brand is perfect for those who seek to stand out and break ground in formal wear. It is marked by exquisite fabrics that are in perfect affinity with  lightweight structures, and dramatic shades, reinterpreting the female figure in a sensual way.



Versions in which it has participated: