Snakers is an avant-garde proposal that fixes its inspiration on the past; it represents the duality of opposing forces and the constant struggle of good and evil from the capricious and seductive perspective of the serpent. Love-hate, masculine-feminine, order-chaos, creation-destruction are recurrent terms and analogies in the aesthetic and design discourse that the brand presents.

Everything in this brand alludes to the symbolic and spiritual language, its isologo for example, represents in a very successful way the infinite, the amphisbaena serpent, the impossible perspectives and a balanced dynamism. As well as its identity, each of the products is the result of a creative process that condenses archetypes and myths in a single piece for the delight of lovers of fashion and aesthetic avant-garde.

The snake's call is simple: "be unstoppable" inviting us to face our limits and exceed them, prompting us to walk the paths he has traced with his body and transcend in time transforming reality.

Snakers does not simply create shoes, it actually creates interesting stories that mutate while accompanying the steps of people, building the artifice that strengthens their identity and their individuality by jointly building a lifestyle, a spiritual posture and a way of thinking.

Facebook e Instagram: @snakersculture

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