Álvaro Ávila

The Alvaro Avila® brand was born with the purpose of creating and producing jewelry and fashion accessories while incorporating a woman’s inner feelings of the need for protection, luck, love, and faith.

Its designer, Alvaro Avila, is inspired by world cultures, beliefs, and local customs.

By implementing artisan and industrial techniques in the production of each of the designs, the dream and mission is to convert Alvaro Avila® into a lifestyle brand of affordable luxury.

The goal is to promote the brand and jewelry to become more memorable in the marketplace and be THE desired accessories, creating a legacy full of human values to offer the world.

With the help of our customers and friends, passionate about our brand, we embark on this path.  We know it will be a long journey, but we are full of hope and strength to know that we have the potential to achieve and succeed in this great challenge.

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