Bareke is a company born of love from the roots of the founders Elvia María and Carlos David Tapia Peñates, who since childhood saw the beauty of Sampués (their hometown), the joy of its people, the sound of the accordion notes, the candle light and the tradition of their fandangos; the glowing landscapes and sunsets of the savannah of the north coast of Colombia. It’s a company born as a tribute to our ancestors, with passion to help build the country and rescue the Zenú culture, that has been losing its glow and its colour during these past years.

Bareke, with its purpose of adding value to native and artisan work of it’s country, co-creates with different designers a new fashion trend, where unusual forms and ethnic and natural materials take place, transforming the traditional into works of art for the day to day life. The foundation of the company is sustainability and social innovation. For this reason, Bareke currently has a positive impact in the lives of 60 indigenous people and artisans in the Caribbean of Colombia, offering training, fair employment and teamwork, uniting this way the wisdom of the grandmothers of this region. It offers creativity, capacity of improvement and new skills to new generations.

The new collection is inspired by the women of our local land, in the young girls of the Zenú culture and each traditional culture of our country; Those women who were born since the 20s, who built their lives and families with courage, spontaneity, work, joy and above all, vision and love. It’s an exaltation to their ability to achieve and overcome the limits of society in its time. It’s a tribute transformed in to inspiration to all women today, regardless of race, origin or nationality. In each piece designed and wear, let us remember these values that make us so unique, wonderful and precious.

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