CUBEL is the acronym of their surnames Cubides Beltrán; a tribute to his family, who instilled the discipline, mysticism and dedication required to face life with tenacity and persistence.

The brand is aimed at men and women seeking urban fashion that allows them to express identity and avant-garde, through exclusive garments that reflect their personality at the time of dressing. They are risky and passionate about being unique.

Cubel focuses on two strategic objectives; the first one, to create a masculine fashion concept that helps clients develop a sense of fashion through unusual garments, with design, handmade finishes and high quality raw materials. Secondly, to make the brand an international player in the fashion industry, for our DNA of international urban fashion, for this we work hand in hand with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá to bring the fashion industry of Bogotá to a level of excellence.

Versions in which it has participated: