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We have simplified our registration processes for your ease and safety. Request, download or verify your certificate electronically (spanish version).

What is the CCB’s jurisdiction?

Bogotá, D.C., Arbeláez, Cabrera, Cajicá, Cáqueza, Carmen de Garupa, Chía, Chipaque, Choachí, Chocontá, Cogua, Cota, Cucunubá, Fómeque, Fosca, Fúquene, Fusagasugá, Gachalá, Gachetá, Guasca, Guatavita, Gutiérrez, Junín, La Calera, Lenguazaque, Machetá, Manta, Medina, Nemocón, Ospina Pérez, Pandi, Pasca, Quetame, Rafael Reyes, San Bernardo, Sesquilé, Sibaté, Silvania, Simijaca, Soacha, Sopó, Suesca, Susa, Sutatausa, Tabio Tausa, Tenjo, Tibacuy, Tiribitá, Tocancipá, Ubalá, Ubaque, Ubaté, Une, Gama, Guachetá, Villapinzón y Zipaquirá. See more for information.

What is the deadline to renew the merchant's certificate?

Renewal of the merchant's certificate must be performed within the first three months of each year. That is, until March 31st. Do it early online, and avoid last-minute issues.

What financial information should I report when renewing the merchant's certificate?

In order to renew the merchant's certificate in a given year, you must take into account the financial information as of December 31 of the preceding year. If you do not have the final balance, you can use the test balance and once you have the final, submit it for the respective resettlement and update. 

What documents should I submit to renew my merchant's certificate?

You must only submit the renewal form signed by the legal representative or owner.

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