National Tourism Registry (RNT)

Renew on time your registration into the National Tourism Registrar (RNT) and avoid a suspension of your registry and a penalty of one (1) Legal Minimum Monthly Wage as a reactivation cost (Article 33 of Law 1558 of 2012).

Registration into the National Tourism Registry is mandatory for all operators of tourism services conducting their business activities in Colombia. This record is required for operation, and must be updated on a yearly basis.

This registry was previously managed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism; registrations, updates, mutations, and any other modifications by the different tourism service providers shall be managed by the chambers of commerce, and shall be carried out online.

Bear in mind that the National Tourism Registry does not bring with it any registration rights with the chambers of commerce; however, payment of the registration tax is mandatory (Article 226 of Law 223 of 1995).  This tax is of a departmental nature (collected by the Cundinamarca Regional Government), and is caused upon any registration made at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.


Decree 2063 - november 1, 2018

Decree 229 of 2017 - Registration, update, suspension of the RNT

Resolution 477 of March 21, 2017 - Extension of time-frame for requirements

External Circular Letter 002 of 2016 (SIC)

Resolution 3860 of 2015 NTS

Decree 019 of 2012

Law 850 of 2003 (spanish version)





For every commercial establishment, you can realize a process and make a payment for update.

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