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Centros de transformación digital empresarial
What is digital transformation? 
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Digital Transformation is the use and adoption of information technologies combined with the organizational development and leadership capacity to radically improve companies' performance and business model
Why is it important for an SME to be digitally transformed? 

SMEs with a high level of digitalization and leadership obtain real benefits in key business indicators, including:

  • They have the highest human development and economic growth indices.
  • They create and consolidate new business models.
  • They avoid the risk of lagging behind the competition.
What are the Business Digital Transformation Centers (CTDE, for the Spanish original)?  


These are spaces in which individual and confidential technical assistance is provided onsite and/or virtually in order for SMEs to move forward on the path of Digital Transformation in order to be able to increase productivity and competitiveness on the local market and progress toward internationalization.


What is our Path of Digital Transformation?


We identify the level of technological maturity of the most important processes on the value chain of your SME.

Digital transformation plan

In accordance with the results of the diagnosis, your SME will be provided with a specific action plan aimed at the Digital Transformation of its processes.

Training and education services

We provide business training and education services, along with CCB workshops and consulting

Implementation services

Depending on your specific needs, we provide your SME with the implementation of cloud-based ICT solutions with all the support of the Digital Transformation Center.

What are our technology tools?

1.CRM (Customer Relations Management): get to know your customers; what are their purchasing habits, i.e. what products do they buy and how often do they buy them.
1.ERP (Software for Enterprise Resource Planning): administrative and accounting software. Be more efficient and make administrative and financial decisions based on your own reports on the dynamics of your business. Electronic invoicing.

Support and assistance services

We will provide support in the process of adopting ICT solutions during and after their implementation. Technical assistance from the CTDE and the technology solution provider.


Let's bust the myths!
  1. Implementing ICT solutions is not expensive 

You will get the first year free for the implementation of technology platforms and up to two more years at a special price if you like the tool.  

     2. You will receive specialized services from the CTDEs that will provide support during the digital transformation process

You will be assigned with a consultant of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá who will guide you at the different stages of the entire Digital Transformation journey.


     3. You do not need to be a technology expert to take part in the digital transformation 

You will receive advice and training in order to be able to use the technology solutions in accordance with your business model.


     4. You do not have to acquire a complex technology solution to solve simple processes of your SME 

We preselect easy-to-use applications that automate your process so that you can do what you know best:

                                                                                     Work on your business with your team! 


All SMEs from any economic sector can be served by the Business Digital Transformation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá! 

We are calling on all SMEs to complete the business diagnostic or assessment in order to obtain a special services schedule for each in accordance with their needs.

Only formally incorporated SMEs can access the technology solutions provided by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC, for the Spanish original) and iNNPulsa Colombia.


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Businessmen from the region who have taken on the challenge of digitalization!

"It has really been an excellent experience with the tool the CCB gave us because of how fast the process is and the kindness and professionalism of the people that guided and helped us, but especially because of how versatile and useful the DataCRM tool is. It helps us fully control our businesses, sales and projects. You just need to have a little dedication, watch diligently over your steps and want to improve the productive processes in your company to move up in corporate life."

Mauricio Martínez
Founding CEO Stärken Vegano SAS

"The Digital Transformation program offered by Mintic and the CCB is a golden opportunity for participating companies.

At the end of 2018, my company Zootech Energytech signed up for the support process and now, thanks to their help, I have the Alegra administrative, financial and Human Resources platform, which has facilitated organizing information. And best of all, everything is readily available and in the cloud!

Olga Lucía Vergara

Zootech Energytech Administrative Manager

"Arte Verde is the elegant vertical garden system that requires no installation: just hang, plant and enjoy. Technology, design and greenery working together improve the environment in a natural and exclusive way. This is Brunalia, a company from Cajicá formed in February this year, and, with the CTDE's support, has successfully taken advantage of the business opportunities in a highly competitive market. In just two months of activities, it has already invoiced over COP 15 million." 

Eduardo Chilito Paredes
Brunalia Director of Services


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