The third edition of Bogotá Fashion Week closed successfully

  • The fashion experience was vital to open opportunities outside, according to the participants in the Fashion Week of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.
  • Colors, authentic designs and textures were part of the values ​​shown by buyers in the proposals of entrepreneurs. According to buyers, the potential of Colombian designers can conquer any market in the world.
  • The European Institute of Design (IED Barcelona) awarded "Papel de Punto" as the best emerging designer in the Bogotá Fashion Week thanks by which it will access to a scholarship from that institution.

With more than 350 business meetings, the expectations of the 48 designers were accomplished from clothing ; jewelry and leather , footwear and leather goods that participated in the Bogotá Fashion Week 2019 .

From the emerging designers who participated for the first time until they were consolidated, they showed satisfied with the contacts made with the 52 buyers who participated in the business conference. More than 15,000 people attended the different activities of the platform.

For the organization of the platform, the Chamber did not skimp on the quality of the buyers invited, both national and international, nor on the quality of the spaces, services and organization available to the designers and visitors.

The buyers came looking for viable differentiating proposals for their home markets.

Isabel Henao

Isabel Henao , was  surprised by the quality of the buyers. "The space was perfect, we had contacts with many buyers whom we are sure that, in the coming weeks, we will develop business points such as Zacks, LaFayette Galeries, Moda Operandi, because they apply to a brand and a price range such as ours".

Ricardo Pava

Ricardo Pava , consolidated designer whose brand bears his own name, said that Bogotá Fashion Week has become the perfect space to generate business contacts. "The curatorship that the Chamber of Commerce has done with this group of designers for this season has been fantastic."

Pamela Lamus

For  Pamela Lamus , designer whose brand bears the same name said that it was a resounding success. In fact, it is emerging as one of the revelation brands of the Bogotá Fashion Week. It managed, in behalf of the Fashion Experience, to make sales to Mexico and Panama, and it generated with great expectations, not only in international markets but also in Colombia.

"We formalized an order with "Kilometro 33", a Mexican firm that has five stores that takes our entire collection to that market; we finalized an order with Quinta Estación, a Panamanian company that has two stores, and we are very close to reach an agreement with Mohéme (Singapore), Mares (Brazil), Porquetevistes (Chile), Stitch Lab (Miami), among others ", says the businesswoman, who also pointed out that there are possibilities to close deals with national firms such as International Market, Aguamaní, Le Place Gallerie and El Closet.


A similar case was lived Palmacea  brand, which is starting to be recognized in the international market and continues to gain position in Colombia. To be the first experience in Bogotá Fashion Week, it is quickly reaping status.

Manuela Botero, manager of the company, comments that "we already have orders, we sold the collection and made valuable contacts with buyers whom we expected to reach them. Among the buyers are Moda Operandi, Zacks, Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols, Elegance, as well as stores in the Netherlands and the United States. Not to mention that we began to open more doors in Colombia, where we already have options in Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, both in web platforms and physical stores: multi-brands, boutiques, showrooms and concept stores ".

Juan Pablo Socarrás

Juan Pablo Socarrás , garment designer of the brand that bears his name, also had his achievements, attributed to the quality of the buyers who were invited for this version.

"We achieved business expectations with Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, United States, Chile (small stores) and Saudi Arabia, where the presence would be in a large multi-brand store format in that country," the designer revealed.

J Kieffer

The designer of the brand  J Kieffer , Jessica Franzel, highlighted the business days, arguing that there were many buyers, both national and international, which generated many opportunities.

"We generated business expectations thanks to the fact that they liked the designs composed of very classic silhouettes, timeless with modern touches, which also involve sustainability, care for the environment and social responsibility in their production process, elements that we see that attracts a lot of buyers , especially international ones ", Jessica argued.


Another of the emerging brands of Bogotá Fashion Week, Zandan , also had a positive experience that obeys designs focused on the LGBT community. Daniel Uyazán Oviedo, Creative Director of the brand, emphasizes that "we have managed to captivate national and international clients, not only for the product but also for the concept of the brand. They showed us the interest of replicating the business in Los Angeles and, even, there was a proposal to take the product to Netflix series. "

Alejandra Valdivieso

The jewelry designer, Alejandra Valdivieso , highlighted the international buyers who attended. She highlighted the role of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá in its role of opening doors to external markets. "I generated good opportunities with six clients from abroad, including Singapore," she said.

Premio IED

The European Institute of Design (IED Barcelona) , a world leader in design formation and an observatory of trends and research carried out as a curator for the selection of designers participating in the BFW, awarded Papel de Punto as the best emerging designer at the Bogotá Fashion Week.

Anna Sabater,director of the Curatorship, argued that "Papel de Punto was highlighted by the excelent work that has done in the development of its brand and the projection of this in their designs". The prize will be a scholarship in this institution.

International demand

The International buyers also had a good impression of Bogotá Fashion Week, which, through the Fashion Experience, found opportunities to take to the markets where they come from.

This is the case of Antidote , a luxury store located in Miami. His representative, Irene Yosifove, highlighted the artistic component printed in the designs and stated that, without a doubt, there is potential in Colombian designers to reach markets such as the United States.

Likewise, the representative of  Gallleries Fayette in Dubai, a chain of high-end French department stores that operates in more than seven countries, said that "we already have some Colombian brands, but we are looking for new proposals, designs with a differential value, that reflect authenticity. That's what our customers are looking for. "

Fernanda Hernández, representative of the Italian firm LuisaViaRoma , described that "The designs have a great component of creativity that reflects the Latino culture, which is evident in the colors, traditions, crafts, fabrics, which if always developed in good finishes can have an important strength in Europe and the world. The point is to transmit and cure in detail those small finishes that make the product of a quality that can be marketed internationally. I found in the Fashion Experience just several brands that are concentrating on this type of detail ".

About the CCB

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