About us

Bogotá Fashion Week (BFW) is a commercial and promotional platform of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota (CCB) that seeks to consolidate the city as an international fashion business capital. Congregating multiple national and international actors, BFW boosts the creative talent of emerging and consolidated Colombian designers, strengthening their brands and expanding their market.

Bogotá Fashion Week will take place on May 2024. The event will showcase pieces that narrate local stories, positioning Colombian design across the world. This event is an international buyer-oriented marketplace with over 130 Colombian Fashion Designer and Concept brands, with Women's, Men's and Gender-Neutral Collections. 

Criteria selection:

A team of international consultants and mentors accompanied by national experts carried out the selection process to choose 148 designers / brands / businesses, from the registrations received through the online platform provided by the CCB for that purpose, which complied with the criteria that were requested to apply in the call.

These consultants and mentors have been selected based on their experienceand recognition in the international and national fashion industry.

The selection process was divided into three phases:

1. Review of inscriptions: In this phase it was validated that the inscriptions received comply with the terms and conditions established to apply in the call, as well as the veracity of all the requested documents. Those entries that did not have the participation requirements were not taken into account.

2. Preselection by curators: The curatorship team made an initial assessment of the applications that met the conditions established in this call, to make a first selection according to the evaluation criteria, which were previously described to the designers

3. Final selection: The selected designers were contacted by email and / or by telephone to be notified about their acceptance in the BFW 2020 process.

More CCB support

In addition to this platform, entrepreneurs in the sector have permanent advice and support, so that companies in the sector fulfill their business dreams. Through three Cluster Initiative  in the garment sectors; Clothing (Prendas de vestir), footwear and leather godos (Cuero, Calzado y Marroquinería); and Jewerly and Bijouterie (Joyería y Bisutería), led by the CCB, work is carried out among businessmen, academia and government entities to identify and address bottlenecks that allow improving the competitiveness of the Fashion system of the city-region.