In 2018 the textile, clothing, footwear and leather goods sector had an industrial GDP participation of 10.2%

Learn about sales and production indexes of footwear and leather goods (travel articles, handbags and similar articles made with leather) corresponding to March in a report by Inexmoda, Sectorial and Raddar. You will find the following in this report:

A growth in the production index and sales of leather goods and a decrease in the index of production and sales of footwear, in 2018.

In January 2019, households were below the historical average. The spending in culture, entertainment and leisure continues to be the main spending source of houses in general, followed by clothing and the footwear sector.

In the international trade, imports of both footwear and leather goods increased in 2018, while external sales of footwear decreased. China remains the main source of imports and Ecuador is our main export destination. The figures are also presented by tariff chapters and the main importing and exporting companies of 2018.

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