Textile training programs validated

With the participation of 20 attendees, among companies, institutions and experts in the clothing sector along with the Human Talent Management of the Clothing Cluster, made a technical validation of 2 new programs that the SENA institution will offer; They presented it on June 15th in the Ministry of National Education to obtain the official Qualified Registry.

Thanks to the technologists in Development of Collections for the Fashion Industry and along the Supervision of Clothing Production, they prioritized the study of Identification and closing of Human Capital Gaps of the Textile Sector – It was classified as a difficult aim to achieve in this sector.

The validation exercise, accompanied by the technical team of Textile and Leather Manufacturing Center of the Sena, gave an opportunity to meet the business expectations regarding the departure of graduates of these new programs.

This work, carried out by the Human Talent team of the Clothing and Garment Cluster Initiative, contributes directly to the closing of human capital gaps, during its formulation and validation process with the accompaniment of entrepreneurs in this sector.

Source:  The Clothing and Garment Cluster Initiative nfo