Zandan, The shoe brand that thought in diversity

Zandan is a Bogota based company actively linked to the Cluster of Leather, Footwear and Leatherworking that bet on creating tailored shoes for a diverse public. 
Daniel Uyazán literally put himself in the shoes of the LGBT community when he was studying Industrial Design at the Autonomous University of Colombia and Footwear and Leatherworking at SENA, and he noticed that the shoes did not respond to the preferences of lesbians, gays or trans people. Much less to Drag Queens who, in the extravagant nights of Chapinero, dream of dancing and running around on high heels that bear their weight and night madness. 
Daniel himself is gay and very stylish, and he also dreamt of a pair of moccasins that would attract all eyes and allow him to live his diversity from top to bottom. This is the reason he created Zandan, a shoe brand that serves the needs of the gay community he represents.

"I was tired of the conventional fashion movement: the classic man and the empowered woman” says Daniel. He is aware that life, love and identity have more than just two colors. Walking through the streets of the Restrepo neighborhood, he realized that there is no offer for the LGBT community. Nor did he find it in the rest of the city. “Some lesbian girls were looking for masculinized shoes, gay boys wanted a feminine touch, and trans women and Drags tried at all cost to fit their feet into women’s shoes” he says. 
In this void, Daniel found the opportunity to set up a business that, for the first time, became one of the selected brands to exhibit in the Bogotá Fashion Week 2019. On his stand, he mixed the elegance of leather ankle boots, with the modernity of jeans and vinyl that marked the trend of this 2019; all topped with extravagant heels for his favorite audience, the Drag Queens.
“Beyond a fashion brand, it is also a democratization exercise; fashion is a very diverse empire and Zandan is a space to tell stories without any prejudice”, concludes Daniel proudly.

Fuente: El Tiempo