148 brands are going to participate Bogotá Fashion Week 2020

For the 2020 edition of the BFW, a new category called New Talent (Upcoming Pioneers) was created, which invited those designers with innovative proposals that project the local design of the future.

This selection of talents resulted from a call in which 360 designers participated, which were evaluated by a select group of 13 curators, among which are internationally renowned figures in the fashion industry such as Fabian Hirose Management Consulting, London, Ian Scott Kettle, Donatella Zappierie, Serena Cancellier, Rocío Martínez Saldaña, Matteo Menotto, Adrien Yakimov Roberts, Yuan Ren, Si Young KIM, Ana María Londoño, Johanna Isaac, Paula Mendoza and Carolina Agudelo. The curators took into account the development of collections under international standards, which responded to the local identity as a key factor to promote new businesses in the fashion design offer in Bogotá - Region.

The 148 selected will participate in the parades and in the Fashion Experience ─area of ​​business and commercial activation through showrooms and pop up stores─ of Bogotá Fashion Week. Likewise, before the activation of the platform, they receive 1360 hours of technical advice from the team of international experts and specialized consultants of the CCB, which began on October 21, 2019 and will culminate at the moment when the designers exhibit their creations on the catwalks of the Bogota Fashion Week 2020 (from May 5 to 7, 2020).

The sessions of strengthening the business of the participants are inaugurated with an acceleration stage in which the selected ones will be able to reinforce topics such as the definition of the DNA of their brands, their identity and style. At a later stage, the workshops will focus on the definition of identity for international markets, which includes the prototyping of sales campaigns, price structure and promotion in global markets, among other aspects; and, finally, they will focus on the generation of a digital, marketing and communication strategy, as well as sales and promotion.

Get knowledge about the 148 selected, segmented by international fashion, accessories and jewelry markets from 2019-2020:

1. Fashion Designer Brands (Europe) High-End Brands (USA)


Bridal: Catalina Bayona, Clarissa Rosania, Francesca Miranda, Gina Murillo, Hernán Zajar, Isabel Henao, Jorge Duque, Luisa Nicholls, Pajón & Cartagena, Guarnizo y Lizarralde.

Demi-Couture/Evening Wear: Kika Vargas, Beatriz Camacho, Leal Daccarett, María Elena Villamil, Amelia Toro.

Ready-to-Wear/Prèt-à-Porter: Carlo Carrizosa, Alexandra Bueno, Atelier Crump, Daniella Batlle, Laura Aparicio, Pepa Pombo, Renata Lozano, Julieta Suárez.

Clothing/Apparel: AZULU, Arata, Bettina Spitz, Atelier 17-56, Lobo Rosa, Pink Filosofy, A Modo Mio, Leda, Pessoa.


Bespoke Tailoring: Socarrás, Whitman.

Ready-to-Wear/Prèt-à-Porter: Lina Cantillo, Ricardo Pava, Virgilio Madinah Men, Señor Pombo

Clothing/Apparel: Erikó

2. Concept Brands (Europe) Contemporary Brands (USA)


Clothing/Apparel: Olga Piedrahíta, Polite, MAZ Manuela Álvarez, Alado, Andrea Landa, Laura Laurens, Priah Heritage Design, Carolina Ronderos, Creta Knitwear, Lia Samantha, Adriana Santacruz.


Clothing/Apparel: Lugó Lugó, Cubel, Bastardo™.


Clothing / Apparel: A New Cross, Papel de Punto.

3. Swimwear & Beachwear:


Aquamanile, Cala de La Cruz, Inanna Swimwear, La Garzetta, Mio Coral Swimwear, Palmacea Swimwear, Palo Rosa Beachwear, Perse Mar, Puntamar, Saha Swimwear y Verdelimón.

4. Lingerie:


El Origen del Mundo, Mai Petit, Noise Lab, Salomé Laurenty, Sort, Soul Intimates, Suki Cohen, Süsse Lingerie

5. Bags & Leather Goods:

Designer Handbags: Adriana Castro, Ana Laverde, Baletti, Ballen Pellettiere, Camellét, Cuázar, Isidora Malva, Lauval, Nora Lozza, Yoci Sefair, A. Rinkel, Camelo Leather Co (Mens).

Concept Handbags: Mercedes Salazar, Teiruma, Verdi, María Luisa Ortiz, Najash, Castellano Ethnic Origins, Palma Canaria, Michú Bags, Tigre De Salón (Gender-Neutral).

6. Footwear:

Agua E Lulo, Bissoni Moda, Daniel Alcaraz, Gal Vs Buck, Lucinda, OQ Ocampo & Quintana, Susana Madrid, Laura Cepeda, Wonder for People, Argento & Bourbon (Mens).

7. Jewellery

Fine/Demi-Fine/Bridge Jewellery:

Atelier Claudia Camacho, Atelier Lewin, Laura Barrera Jewellery, Mezem, Sebastián Jaramillo, Mariana Shuk, Tres Almas.

Fashion/Costume Jewellery:

Álvaro Ávila, Aysha Bilgrami, Fernanda Arias, Joyería Cano, Leila Riaza Jewellery, Metalero, Pamela Lamus, Tatiana Apráez, Vattea, Flor Amazona, La Libertad, Pajarolimón, Senda Nelly Rojas.

8. Accessories

Lina Osorio Design, Margarita Díaz Del Castillo Millinery, Mawá, Miss Balanta, Mrs. Lovegood, Daniel Nyström, Ornella Franchi, Woma Hatmakers.

9. Upcoming Pioneers

Alejandro Castiblanco, Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery, Frijolatorio, Liliana Botero, Silués, Isla Desierta, Kalia, Kitsch, La Marea, LNRS, Phersus, Pia Castro, Primitivas, Josefina Muñoz, RES, Stevan Barrera.


In the last edition of the BFW, 388 business meetings were held with 22 national buyers and 36 international buyers from 20 countries, with business expectations of $ 1.2 million.

The BFW 2019 brought together 48 apparel designers; jewelry and costume jewelery; leather footwear and leather goods, among which were consolidated and emerging designers who were satisfied with the results achieved in the third edition, which was attended by more than 15,000 people.


The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce permanently supports entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries from three fronts: advice for strengthening businesses, improving the competitive environment through the Cluster Initiatives, and circulation platforms and of contact for businesses such as Bogotá Fashion Week - BFW , ARTBO Program , Bogotá Audiovisual Market - BAM , Bogotá Music Market - BOmm and Bogotá Madrid Fusión - BMF , whose first edition was taken place from November 7 to 10, 2019 in Corferias.