Ampliamos la convocatoria para diseñadores interesados en participar en la edición 2019

Los interesados deberán estar registrados en la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, tener su matrícula renovada a 2018 y contar con una antigüedad mínima de dos años.

La selección de los diseñadores estará a cargo de un equipo de curaduría internacional compuesto por expertos en los sectores de prendas de vestir; cuero, calzado y marroquinería, y joyería y bisutería.

Having an attractive creative proposal, an established business model and a track record in product development will be three of the main selection criteria for the designers that will be part of Bogotá Fashion Week 2019, which will take place from April 2 to 4, 2019 .

This platform of circulation, contact for business and business strengthening of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá promotes business in the fashion sector by offering designers a unique process of international curatorship, specialized support and business strengthening, as well as an scenario of exhibition for your products and networking.

The selected designers will receive an integral accompaniment for their business strengthening through the specialized portfolio that the CCB has designed for the garment sectors; leather, footwear and leather goods, and jewelry and costume jewelery. This part of a business diagnosis and continues with different activities that allow designers to obtain tools to be more competitive.

Conozca el paso a paso para inscribirse en la convocatoria 

In order to get register, designers must take into account that a digital catalog of their last two collections or most recent product lines will be requested, including data such as season, sources of inspiration, materials and dimensions; commercial information about their products such as prices, channels, markets, main consumers and projection in three years; corporate image and information both on its website and its social networks.

Bet on the cultural and creative industries:

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, for 14 years, has been betting on the cultural and creative industries for being the engine of economic development for the City - Region and is permanently accompanying companies in the sector to strengthen them, improving the business environment and offers circulation platforms, contact for businesses and training such as ARTBO, Bogotá Audiovisual Market-BAM, Bogota Music Market-BOmm and Bogota Fashion Week-BFW.

The entity works for the fashion sector, through the Garment Cluster Initiatives; Leather, Footwear and Leather Goods, and Jewelery and Jewelry, which leads together with public, private and academia. Through these Initiatives, the gaps that limit the competitiveness of companies are identified and work is being done to solve them. The Chamber, additionally, accompanies in a specialized way to the marquistas businessmen, segment to which the designers belong.

This agenda is part of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Bogotá-Cundinamarca, in which public, private and academic actors defined five areas in which the City and the department should focus their efforts and resources. One of these areas is Bogotá Región Creativa, which refers to the cultural and creative industries, and belongs to the fashion sector.

About the CCB:

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá is a private entity that for almost 140 years has been supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the city. By legal delegation administers public records. It works for legal security, for the strengthening of the environment and for the interests of businessmen. Accompanies the different life cycles of companies and promotes business in Bogotá and the Region.