Explore the Bogotá Fashion Week designers and brands for 2022

100 designers and brands will participate in the sixth edition of Bogotá Fashion Week. 

More than 280 proposals were received through a public call which ended in August 2021. Criteria which were of relevance in the selection were creativity, production capacity, sales channels, export potential, economy reactivation processes, previous participation in BFW and Chamber of Commerce of Bogota initiatives, as well as the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDG. 

The selection and evaluation processes were led by Kollective Moda—a consulting firm which run programs that unite entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, and tech innovators to unlock opportunities.  

The firm is also preparing the designers and brands for this edition of Bogotá Fashion Week, which will be held on May 19 – 21. The consultancy began in October 2021 and includes one to one sessions to reinforce key aspects of marketing, business purposes, production, supply chains, communications and expansion strategies. This in addition to master classes addressing subjects such as brand building, product, and sales.

Selected brands 

Andrés Otálora, A MODO MIO, Andrea Castro – Couture, Andrea Sanchez, AnnieHC, Antidoto, Aura Dajer, Camila Támara, Carolina Estefan, Clarissa Rosania, Daniella Battle, Dauntless, Ducky Black, Faride Ramos, Franchi e Punto, Guzo Atelier, Hossh, Ivory Atelier, Kaftan, Leda, Lina Cantillo, Manuela Triana, Monica Fonnegra Green Fashion, Narciza, Pepa Pombo, Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves, Rockgotá, Stevan Valencia, SuG, Tinta Latina, Wisdom Bird, and Whitman.


Soul Intimates.

Alejandra Valdivieso, Alma Joyería, Álvaro Ávila, Daila By Lisalas, Daniela Hoyos, Edén Joyas, Etnia Contemporánea, Faoba Joyas, Fernanda Arias Joyas, Flor Amazona, JOT Judith Tello, Metalero, Pajarolimón, Sara y Flora, Segmentta Jewellery, Tania Revueltas Joyería, and Vattea.

B I S S O N I, Garces Bottier, and Yoci Sefair.

Adriana Capasso, Alado, AZULU, Camilo Franco, Carlo Carrizosa, Carolina Estefan, MDCR, Pamela Duque, Polite, Leal Daccarett, and Beatriz Camacho. 

Palo Rosa Beachwear, Papua, Redflag, Armantia, Bonaventto, Mio Coral, Ette De Oro, Second Piel, and Naiona.

Bags and accessories

A. Rinkel, Argüelles Leather, Balleti, Bareke, Gorghes Baghos, Govant, Huitacá, Isidora Malva, Lauval, Leda & Louise, Marmolejo Leather, Martin Mood, Najash, Nattivos Handmade, Teiruma Collection, and Verdi.   


A New Cross, Adriana Santa Cruz, Cubel, Hello Chameleon, MAZ Manuela Álvarez, Please Rain, Tejidos Rebancá, and ZUT.



If you want to know more about each brand, visit this link.