Wholesale business

 A space where close to 50 national and international buyers gather to interact, plan and close business with the 100 brands that were selected by the international firm Kollective Moda, a global brand management group that has worked with leading designers, fashion weeks and trade associations around the world.
Participating brands enjoyed activities such as one to one work spaces to reinforce key points on topics related to marketing, business objectives, production, distribution, communications and growth plans; as well as master classes, from approaches such as brand building, product and sales. The business strengthening counseling and support process consisted of more than 1,000 hours of training over a period of 8 months.
The participants of the business rounds will be able to access this space by making their appointments in advance through Koyag and schedule directly with each designer available during the development of this market according to their purchasing segments, and/or go directly to the brands indicated in advance in their respective suggested agenda.